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Aircam delivers event photos in real-time so you can put down your phone.

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* credit: Jordan Ring

Event photography,

  • Photos are instantly available
  • Auto-edits done in the cloud
  • Book now for $99/hr

Instant photos, same url,
no app required

Watch 1 minute video to see in action. Events are geofenced so anyone there can simply go to A unique link can be shared to people far away or after the event.
Always the same URL

Photographers + Aircam =

Aircam teams up with professional photographers to deliver amazing event experiences. Photographers get more business and save time while impressing clients.
  • Jordan R.
    “I’m a photographer and when I work with Aircam people ask me if I’m a magician. They can’t believe they are seeing my photos instantly.”
  • Jessica F.
    “Aircam is a game changer! I love it when people put their phones down once they see they can get my better quality photos instantly.”
  • Tiana H.
    “Wow! Just wow!! That was the reaction from my guests. I knew having Aircam at my event would be a hit but it still far exceeded my expectations.”

Elevate the experience of
your guests

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* credit: Grant Terzakis